Why an ethical hacker is important for an online organization?

With the unprecedented growth of technology, the inception of cloud-enabled technologies, and major tech upgrades, almost every business is dependent on the internet. Technology and web-enabled functions don’t just bring massive growth to an organization, they also pose an enterprise at the threat of cyber-attacks. In the past few decades, there has been a constant rise in cyber threats and this has hiked the demand for information security and ethical hackers.

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Organizations that are concerned about network security and their privacy of data hire ethical hackers to bridge the cybersecurity gap. With ceaseless inventions in the field of computing and with the internet being a major source of worldwide communication, sensitive information is always at stake. Data breaches cause millions of dollars to companies, and sometimes they cause serious damage to the network infrastructure and database. This is when ethical hacking comes into the big picture. Wondering how? Well, then here are some ways in which ethical hacking can benefit your organization.

A brief overview of ethical hacking

Ethical hacking is the act of spotting weak points and vulnerabilities in an IT infrastructure that is prone to intrusion and then fixing them. You can say ethical hacking as a method in which all the possible entry points are recognized through which a malicious attacker can enter and steal sensitive information pertaining to a business. Ethical hackers have another name called “White Hat” hackers. An ethical hacker tests the system for vulnerabilities by making use of the same tools and strategies used by malicious hackers. The only difference is that ethical hackers use these tools with permission from an authorized entity to strengthen the security of a system. They also report these flaws to higher management to avoid such mistakes in the new IT infrastructure. 

Why ethical hacking? 

To prevent thefts, one has to think like a thief. Similarly, organizations that want to prevent hackers from breaking into the system should hire hackers to make the system security flawless from every angle. Nowadays, organizations are constantly under cyber-attack because hackers have become more sophisticated and smart. In such circumstances, organizations need to develop a defensive strategy that includes ethical hackers. Here are some advantages of hiring ethical hackers on the business forefront. Dive in!

For foreseeing security breaches

Whether in the healthcare sector, the financial sector, or any other government field, every business is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Certified ethical hackers can foresee cyber threats and act accordingly. They can make the security standards stringent in advance and reduce the risk of being attacked. Hence your data will be safe and the system infrastructure will remain untouched, which can save you thousands of bucks.

To protect the credibility of your organization

If you think that a security breach can only cost you data and money then you are mistaken because it can also cost you your credibility in the market. Take the case of the 2015 Facebook data breach. When Facebook confirmed the breach, the company’s share price sunk nearly 7% on the third day. After the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, the market value of the company witnessed a more exponential decline. But with an onboard ethical hacker, your organization will be less susceptible to these security attacks and your company credibility won’t decline.

To handle sophisticated attacks

Present-day cyberattacks have become more sophisticated than before because of the growing forces of the dark web. Gone are the days when software or hardware firewall used to protect your system because now with the advanced tech upgrades, it has become difficult to detect the notorious activity on the web. In such a scenario, a hacker can be like your organization’s personal intrusion detection system. Ethical hackers can define detection rules and eliminate the chances of various cyberattacks. The cyberattacks are so advanced these days that there are times when they go unnoticed or several years. To prevent all this a secure your confidential data and resources an ethical hacker can be of great help.

To limit your liability

An ethical hacker limits an organization’s liability under a cyberattack. As per the regulations mentioned under HIPPA, GDPR, etc. in case of a hack, breach, or data leakage, your organization will be liable. But with a certified ethical hacker, your commitment to the network or system security can be clearly defined. When you have a professional hacker at work, you will face less pushback from clients and be safe from the compromise of critical data during the time of an attack.

To make cloud migration easy

Nowadays IT sourcing and virtualization are the common trends. But, the transition to the cloud paves the way for numerous malicious hackers to misuse the newly created entry points. Thus, while migrating to the cloud, an ethical hacker can help to keep your network secure and protected. Gradually businesses all over the globe are shifting to cloud technology and skilled ethical hackers can be useful in handling the security challenges that come with the transition to virtualization.

To abate losses

According to a report from Norton, a sum of 978 million people from 20 different countries fell for cybercrime. The victims lost a huge fortune of $172 billion. This isn’t the end as another report from Hewlett Packard and Ponemon institute affirmed that for every average American firm, cyberattacks cost about $15.4 million every year. Organizations can prevent these losses by hiring an ethical hacker. The white hat hackers prevent the ongoing attacks in much lesser time than any other professional and they provide employee fidelity bond that can reimburse organizational losses.

To educate other employees

Most organizations forget that security vulnerabilities are created by their own employees at the base level. Hiring ethical hackers can be beneficial as skilled hackers are aware of the actions on the part of employees that can result in security pits. Therefore, they can warn employees against all vulnerable actions while using company systems and prevent potential attacks. With the help of ethical hackers, an organization can cultivate an aware and educated workforce that acts as a fence to secure the organizational network.

With data becoming dynamic and a spiked number of systems moving to the cloud, ethical hackers become the future of cyber-security. Businesses that don’t hire ethical hackers will be at constant risk of attacks from several malicious sources and avoid such attacks won’t be as easy as it seems. They can create loopholes in the demand gen engines, database management software, and create abysses among the financial resources. The bottom line is organizations should hire ethical hackers because it is always better to be safe than sorry. Hire A Hacker From Hacker People